Teaching ➤ Motion Graphics @ HNU

ARTS 117 Course Description

A comprehensive introduction to Motion Graphics concepts and aesthetics. In-depth study of Adobe After Effects, an industry leading software used for motion graphics, animation, color correction, green screen ,and post-production visual effects. The class will cover After Effects tools and techniques through demos, in-class exercises, group discussions and portfolio reviews.


Technology Covered:

Students learn the basics of motion graphics and editing: how to create a plan and produce 3D motion graphics in After Effects. Tools include After Effects, Final Cut Pro, the basics of video production, history of motion graphics, and more! Students graduate from this class with a professional motion graphics portfolio.

Teaching Philosophy

I have a passion for media history and art, and I wanted to share it with my students.
I included media history and research of famous artists in the class curriculum. As a Final Presentation, students were asked to do a presentation on theri famous video artist and explain how it influced their work.

Final Presentations: ARTS 117 Motion Graphics and Video Production, Holy Names Univ.

Maria Solomita, 2016

Alicia Nunez, 2016

Tiana Miyashiro, 2016