Anya Zinoveva, MA is an idependent filmmaker specializing in research documentaries for higher education. She loves the challenge of translating complex philosophical concepts into interactive and compelling visual forms.

Anya Zinoveva is a Founder and CEO of Educational Film Network (, a private company devoted to production, research, and support of international educational film/video development. In 2012, she released a 60-minute educational documentary that weds elements of feature film with traditional narrative documentary. This project, entitled Rousseau, or On Education, examined the educational ideas of the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The film was recently awarded an invitational screening at the Rousseau Anniversary Symposium in Ermenonville, France. It won a Medal of Appreciation from Ermenonville City Hall. For more information on the film, please visit:

Having received MA in Video Art from California State University, Norhtridge, with academic distinction, Anya is pursuing her dream of elevating social responsibility of the visual message, and transforming the way media art is perceived, through teaching and research.

"Cinema is the most powerful art, which has a capacity to transform society.
Therefore, film/video production should be approached with the greater social responsibility than other forms of artistic expression. Before spending another million dollars (which could be used to reduce hunger and suffering in the world), perhaps we should ask:
Does the film serve a higher purpose, or is it just another piece of cheap entertainment directed to the lowest common denominator?
Does it elevate the audience spiritually or encourage critical thinking?
What is the message?
What psychological effect does it evoke in the audience? Is there a particular scene in the film, which may lead to another Sandy Hooks shooting?
Psychological impact of media (especially in regards to the younger audience) remains to be studied."